On a remote Puget Sound island, police chief Bell navigates his job and marriage in the wake of his son’s near-death brain surgery. When his wife no longer wants to tempt the fates of experimental medicine he takes matters into his own hands.

With the help of his spaced-out fisherman friend, Bell kidnaps his boy and sets sail for Guatemala in search of the mysterious Dr. Haas. On the way, they’ll brave the seventh biggest storm, befriend two behemoth fly-fishing Nords, and try to outrun the ex-Navy captain hired by his wife to find them.

In language that flickers with pain, strangeness and wit, Houser explores the boundaries between the possible and the impossible to remind us that while life can be mundane and even crushing, there’s also magic, beauty and hope if you’re just willing to go look for it.


“Very heartfelt and amazing story, loved it.” 
–– Gus Van Sant

“If you are a father, or know one, Trevor Houser’s Pacific, is a wild, quixotic ride that will challenge your understanding of what it is to be a parent.” 
––Larry Colton, author of Southern League and Counting Coup

“Poetic. Suspenseful. And at times darkly comic. Get ready for an adventure in heartbreak.”
–Michael Mazza, author of That Crazy Perfect Someday



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About the Author

Trevor J. Houser is an advertising copywriter living with his family in Seattle. He has published stories in dozens of literary journals including Story Quarterly, Zyzzyva and The Dr. TJ Eckleburg Review, among others. He has experience in the international motel industry and private investigation. Three of his stories were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. 

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