THE PRUMONT METHOD is a darkly funny story, capturing the wild last gasp of a family in retrograde against the backdrop of gun violence run amok in America. Staring down the barrel of a crumbling career and imploding marriage, “math hobbyist” Roger Prumont unwittingly creates a formula that might predict when and where the next mass shooting occurs. Except what if mass shootings are so ubiquitous now that his predictions are merely dumb luck? And what if he’s risking his own life to find out?

“A novel filled with gallows humor that’s representative of great creativity, The Prumont Method examines the phenomenon of gun massacres with pathos and profundity.”
Foreword, starred review

“This book is funny, sad, and weird in all the best ways.”
—Tom McAllister, author of How to Be Safe

“Read this book for its sideways humor and straight-on truth-telling.”
—Karl Iagnemma, author of The Expeditions                       

“If Jenny Offill and Salinger had teamed up to write a novel about such a dark and rich premise, it would’ve been The Prumont Method.”
—Glenn Rockowitz, author of Rodeo in Joliet and Cotton Teeth

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“Very heartfelt and amazing story, loved it.”
—Gus Van Sant

“If you are a father, or know one, Trevor J. Houser’s Pacific is a wild, quixotic ride that will challenge your understanding of what it is to be a parent.” 
—Larry Colton, author of Southern League and Counting Coup

“Poetic. Suspenseful. And at times darkly comic. Get ready for an adventure in heartbreak.”
—Michael Mazza, author of That Crazy Perfect Someday

“Houser captures the heartbreak and hope of a desperate parent, while still maintaining a sense of dark humor and playful language that turns the mundane into something mythic. For fans of Denis Johnson, Richard Brautigan and Jenny Offill, Pacific reminds us that there’s magic, beauty and hope in the world, if we’re just willing to go and look for it….” 
—Book Room Reviews

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2022 Eric Hoffer Fiction Award (Honorable Mention)

2022 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Finalist

2022 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist

2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist (First Novel)

2022 First Horizon Award Finalist

Pushcart Prize Nominee for Short Fiction (2007,2013,2017)

2008 Best American Fantasy Anthology (Recommended Stories)

About the Author

Trevor J. Houser works in advertising and lives with his family in Seattle. He has published stories in dozens of literary journals including Story Quarterly, Zyzzyva and The Dr. TJ Eckleburg Review, among others. He has experience in the international motel industry and private investigation. Four of his stories were nominated for the Pushcart Prize.